Local fans say NHL ticket drive a sure bet in Seattle

The NHL said Thursday, Dec. 8, 2017, it will allow Seattle to apply for a professional team franchise. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE – The season ticket drive to reserve seats for a future NHL team is a crucial part of the plan to bring professional hockey to the city.

Fans can start making deposits at 10 a.m. on Thursday. The big question is whether the ticket drive will find the momentum it needs to convince the league?

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There are 41 home games in a hockey season, and not everyone willing to put down the money has the time to attend them all. Some people plan to submit deposits as a group, and they will take turns packing into KeyArena if it all works out.

“I've got a bunch of buddies who want to get maybe four seats in the club level, and everybody's kind of clamoring to figure out where that's going to be," said Doug Kirton the hockey director for the Sno-King youth league.

Many of the parents and players at the Sno-King Ice Rink in Kirkland are convinced the ticket drive is a formality, and the NHL will see how easily a pro team could thrive in the Northwest.

It starts with a $500 deposit for season tickets. Club level seats are $1,000.

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While it is a big jump going from supporting recreational leagues to actually filling an arena, this somewhat “underground” community believes it is their turn to shine.

“The more time you spend in the rinks, the more people you meet and the bigger the community appears to be,” said Andy Anderson, whose son practices at Sno-King. “I think the fan base is going to be huge."

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