Seattle-area biz sends 'mystery potatoes' to loved ones for Valentine's Day

Mystery Potato: Workers write your message on a tater, then send it to whomever you choose - anonymously. Renton, Wash. KOMO PHOTO. Feb. 12, 2016.

RENTON, Wash. (KOMO) -- Nothing says someone loves you like mysteriously getting a potato sent to you in the mail.

Renton-based company "Mystery Potato" has become a viral phenomenon that has spread across the world. Workers write your message on a potato, then send it to whomever you choose - with no connection to you, so it's all anonymous, and very mysterious.

Until recently, Mystery Potato only sent a few spuds a day. It was on January 31st that online website 'Buzzfeed' featured the quirky business, and within 12 hours of the article being published, 342 orders had been placed.

Production ramped up fast, and they're now making thousands of orders. To meet demand, Mystery Potato even had to hire more workers.

"We actually have about 10 contractors here in the United States," Jeff Kelly, one of the men behind Mystery Potato, said. "We have 10 contractors internationally who create potatoes for us and ship them all over the world."

Valentine's Day has them even busier, and it'll cost you $7.99 to ship a spud.

"We send a lot of potatoes that say 'you're a hot potato'," Kelly said.

And what's the most popular message?

"Nerd in the biggest letters possible," Kelly said. "Seems to be a popular message for some reason."

The owners of the company say they are happy to spread mystery and quirky love this Valentine's Day. So if you're interested in letting someone know you're keeping an "eye" on them, visit Mystery Potato.

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