Local activists rally to save ACA from Senate repeal

A group of activists gathered Monday at the University of Washington campuse to echo the call for a bipartisan fix to the health care act, and rally against the Graham-Cassidy bill. (Photo: KOMO News)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans find themselves in the spotlight on Capitol Hill, with their latest Obamacare replacement bill looking like it's dead.

The Graham-Cassidy bill lost another vote - after an analysis showed it would take coverage away from millions of Americans. On Monday, Maine Sen. Susan Collins joined fellow Republicans John McCain and Rand Paul and said she will vote no.

With 52 Republicans in the Senate, that means they are one vote short of the 50 they need. However, one of the authors of the bill said they are still not ruling out a vote.

"It's OK to vote, it's OK to fall short if you do for an idea you believe in,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina.

In Seattle, activists gathered to echo the call for a bipartisan fix.

“We need an all-out grass roots push to stop it," said Tyna Ek with Seattle Indivisible, referring to the repeal efforts.

Analysts said an end to Obamacare could cost Washington state $10 billion in Medicaid funding and leave 600,000 people without coverage.

“For me as a family physician, I take care of patients who have benefitted from the ACA every single day, and it has saved some of my patients' lives,” said Dr. Sloane Winkes, who practices in Skagit County.

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