Little snow dots the North Sound; marginal snow for most everyone else

Snow in Bothell (Photo: Sarah Kogler)

Snow is picking favorites on Sunday. Those that live north of Seattle or live in a spot with a little elevation are getting another early dose of snow, while those south of Seattle are left to wait until perhaps a future storm closer to the heart of the winter season.

The snow winners Sunday morning so far included Bothell, Woodinville, Issaquah, Camano Island, and the higher hills of Kirkland and Redmond, where a heavy shower coated the grounds and roads with about a half-inch of snow or so.

Reports of a dusting on the grassy surfaces were common across parts of Snohomish and King Counties -- again, mainly places away from the water with a little elevation.

The National Weather Service says these areas away from water above a few hundred feet may get 1-2" total of slushy accumulations by late morning.

Elsewhere, snow might be falling, but it's not amounting to much. As usual with snow situations -- especially so early in the season -- the situation was marginal and needed a number of events to go right. One didn't -- the storm swung inland around Aberdeen instead of Astoria -- and it was enough to vanquish the lowland snow for most, especially from Seattle southward.

With temperatures on the fringe, we were looking for an assist from the chilly north wind blowing out of the Fraser River Valley but with the storm coming farther north, spots from Seattle south had an east or southeast wind, which is just a little warmer.

"In these marginal low snow level scenarios for the Puget Sound region the low level easterlies are a killer," the National Weather Service wrote in their Sunday morning forecast discussion. "The little bit of downslope warming from the easterlies keeps the temperatures warm enough to keep the precipitation type as rain and that is what happened overnight."

All Winter Weather Advisories for the lowlands have been canceled with the exception of the Kitsap Peninsula, Hood Canal area and Whidbey/Camano Island and NE Olympic Peninsula where it remains in effect for a Trace-3" through 11 a.m.

As the morning progresses the low-level winds are eventually shifting to the north behind the weather system as it passes to our south, but by the time the cool air gets there, we'll be running out of moisture. In the meantime, temperatures across the Puget Sound region remain similar to Friday -- cool enough to see snow and maybe get some light grassy accumulations above a few hundred feet, but just a touch too warm for anything significant.

The exceptions are the Hood Canal area, Admiralty Inlet area and the northern Olympic Peninsula where Trace-3" of snow could fall through late morning.

Also, snow is a slam dunk to fall in the Cascades where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through 4 p.m. Another 4-7 inches may fall through the day; Snoqualmie Pass already has 8 inches of new snow.

Skies will clear overnight, and with the cold air mass in place, it's looking like the region's first widespread freeze is in the offing. Lows will drop into the 20s to low 30s, making for a potentially icy commute Monday morning.

We'll warm back up into the 50s this week, putting any other snow forecasts "on ice" for a while.

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