Lightning could put on a show in the mountains Wednesday evening

It's another warm day as we mark the final day of spring, but did you notice it's a bit muggy as well? Uncomfortable to be in, but it might pay off with quite the nature show Wednesday evening.

An upper level disturbance is bringing in some moisture during the day and cooling aloft will create a rather unstable atmosphere. In addition, with the warm, muggy air in place in the lowlands, we've got a decent amount of fuel to create rather good potential for strong afternoon and evening thunderstorms -- especially in the Cascades and Olympics, where the mountains will help provide lift to trigger storm development.

For those of us here in the lowlands, this might be a good opportunity tonight to find a good spot with a view of the Cascades (or Olympics, but moreso Cascades) and perhaps be treated to a vivid lightning show. Weather data suggests some of the mountain storms could be rather intense with frequent lightning. Those of you in the mountains or heading to the mountains need to be mindful of potentially strong storms with large hail, sudden gusty winds and frequent lightning, along with heavy rains.

While the mountains will be home to the vast majority of the storms, we do have to watch for an isolated thunderstorm or two to drift into the lowlands this evening and into tonight. The basic wind flow isn't quite favorable for blowing the storms into the lowlands, but it's possible a few could develop over and east of the I-5 corridor (especially from Everett south into Oregon) and wander our way. Keep an eye to the skies and radar if you do find yourself out and about or trying to watch the distant storms. Already, Tacoma had a random shower strike Wednesday morning out of the blue.

It will remain a warm and muggy evening with temperatures holding in the 80s until sunset.

Thunderstorm threat ends overnight as the disturbance passes and a moderate marine push rolls in. That marine push will also end any semblance of heat with much cooler weather expected Thursday and into the weekend -- our natural air conditioning in action.

If you do manage to get any good photos or video of lightning, we'd love to see it! You can email any photos to or tag any social media posts with #komoloz -- our "Legion of Zoom" photography group.

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