Seattle-area Las Vegas shooting survivors hit hard by California mass murder

    Las Vegas shooting survivor Steve Munoz reacts to the mass murder in Thousand Oaks, California (KOMO Photo)

    The Thousand Oaks shooting is really hitting hard for the survivors of the Las Vegas concert shooting a year ago. They say the survivors in California are going to have a challenging time getting through the trauma.

    Many of the local survivors we contacted Thursday were just too shaken to speak with us, but Steve Munoz got up the courage to do so. "Shock, disbelief," he said upon hearing the news. "Unfortunately in this country we're seeing these types of things happening all too often."

    Munoz was there when bullets rained down on the hundreds at the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas. The fact that the Thousand Oaks event was also country music really hit home. He said, "So anything like that situated around that kind of scenario is very hard and it just struck a lot of emotions in me."

    He said the healing process is going to take awhile. "I know right now they are just probably confused and don't know what to make of it and unfortunately it's just going to be time. That's the only thing that's really going to help heal." He is turning to the group "Love Wins" for support.

    "It's so hard to have shootings like this constantly go on," said Zach Elmore. His sister Alicia Johnston was wounded in Las Vegas and now the Thousand Oaks shooting brings back all of the memories. "Heartache," he said. "I had a good cry today."

    Elmore wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Seattle Times about the need to take action against the violence. "One of the things that stuck with me is outrage without action is wasted energy."

    He said he is taking action by joining the groups "Everytown for Gun Safety" and "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America."

    "I truly believe these grass roots movements are what is going to help this country out of this intense shadow that gun violence kind of places over America," said Elmore.

    He said it's painful to see the flags at half staff again. They were just lowered and raised following the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and now this.

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