'It brings a nice, warm feeling to your heart": Ladies donate $1,000 in toys

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Most know the phrase "it’s better to give than to receive" and this time of year, this phrase comes to life, perhaps more than the rest of the year.

Seattle’s Sue Lindal, is one of those people who really takes the phrase to heart. She and a group of eight friends were looking for a good cause to help, so they chose the KOMO Toy Drive.

“It just brings a nice warm feeling to your heart,” said Lindal.

Lindal and her group of ladies raised $1,000 to go on a toy spending spree.

"Some games and pencils and paper and drawing books for 58, maybe a little bit of jewelry little girl’s jewelry and that just a real combination of all different kinds of things,” said Lindal.

New, unwrapped toys are donated to the Salvation Army, whose volunteers categorize them and invite families to go ‘shopping’ for their children. These are families who may live on your street and whose children might not otherwise get presents on Christmas.

"I think just donating especially to the kids to see the smile on their face because there's so many out there that just don't get anything so hopefully this will bring some smiles to faces," said Lindal.

Certainly, a good feeling to know that donating can have a big impact.

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