Lacey resident sleeps as blaze breaks out, firefighters crash through door

Crews respond to the apartment fire. (Photo credit: Lacey Fire District 3)

LACEY, Wash. - A sleepy Lacey apartment dweller snoozed right through a fire in their unit and fire crews breaking through the doorway to douse the flames.

Luckily, a sprinkler head kept the fire from spreading, and the resident was unhurt.

The drama unfolded at around midnight Sunday when crews responded to a fire alarm at the apartment complex.

Arriving at the scene, firefighters forced their way into the unit and found that a cooking fire had ignited in the kitchen.

A sprinkler had kept the flames from spreading, and crews made certain the fire was out.

That's when they discovered that the apartment resident was there and slept through the whole commotion.

"Sprinklers save lives," the Lacey Fire Department tweeted after the blaze.

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