Lacey neighbors determined to catch cat killer, set up watch groups

People in Lacey are trying to take back their community after a serial cat killer is still on a killing rampage. (KOMO NEWS)

LACEY— People in Lacey are trying to take back their community after a serial cat killer is still on a killing rampage.

Since January, 13 cats have been mutilated in Thurston County.

Saturday night, neighbors in Lacey said they wanted to help investigators stop the killer and they hashed out a game plan about canvassing different areas looking out for the cat mutilator.

Jason Cox , his dogs, and his neighbors could sit around and wait for more cats to turn up dead, or they could do something.

"It's interrupted people's lives,” Cox said.

"Anything, I mean talking about it getting out in your cars and patrolling your neighborhoods, being vigilant even in your home,” said neighbor Jennifer Beausoleil, who is helping Cox.

That's what the Saturday night meeting was for — to come up with a game plan to assemble teams to keep a lookout for the cat killer who appears to be dumping the mutilated cats in the middle of the night.

"We have neighborhood watch groups that are out all over town right now,” Cox said. “The problem is if it's just one person in a big neighborhood, they can't see the whole neighborhood any one time."

Since January, investigators said 13 cats have been mutilated and displayed in similar ways, but the pace seems to be picking up with five cat killed in the last two weeks.

“I mean I'm genuinely scared,” Beausoleil said. “I know my neighbors are scared. I know my family members are scared. I feel like it’s one step away from being a human and that freaks me out."

Jason has been taking his dogs to sniff out the dump sites where he said, “Hopefully her nose smells something that maybe I won't see."

Someone in the Taking Olympia Back Facebook group donated a mountain bike for trail patrols.

"This is an opportunity for me to patrol these areas,” Cox said. “You can't drive your vehicle on there and I'm not walking at 3 a.m. in these places.”

The mission is on until the cat killer is in cuffs.

"I just feel like as many people that can come together and be keeping an eye for this sicko,” Beausoleil said. “The faster he gets caught."

Detectives have formed a task force with detectives in all the areas where the cats have turned up dead.

There is a $36,000 reward for anyone with information.

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