KOMO town hall to focus on #MeToo; send us your questions

Town Hall

SEATTLE -- KOMO News will be streaming online a town hall that focuses on the #MeToo movement at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 21 and is looking for questions or concerns from the public.

Hosted by KOMO’s Mary Nam, the round-table-style discussion will include victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault, advocates for victims and educators -– those who work to prevent these events from every happening.

From the most overt harassment and assault to the less obvious forms of discrimination, the event will tackle the difficult and often confusing topic.

A group of local panelists will be sharing their experience, and debating issues submitted by KOMO viewers.

Panelists will include:

Leah Griffin: Rape victim turned advocate who is fundamentally changing the way rape victims are treated in hospitals and at police departments

Andy Sampson: Sexual assault survivor. Andy works to draw attention that boys and men can also be victims.

Mary Ellen Stone, executive director of KCSARC The King County Sexual Assault Resource Center For the last 30 plus years, Mary Ellen has been a visionary leader in changing the landscape of sexual-assault prevention, education, and victim advocacy The center’s mission is to give voice to victims, their families, and the community; create change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence; and instill courage for people to speak out about sexual assault. .

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Administrative Judge Molly Powell. Sexual harassment and assault can range from the most obvious to something much more subtle. Navigating those less obvious exchanges can be confusing and difficult. The EEOC provides training about creating a respectful environment for those around you.

The experts will help to empower victims and educate potential abusers about things that can be done to create a healthy environment for all.

Questions, concerns, and issues submitted on Facebook and Twitter using the #KOMOTownHall hashtag, or uploaded to KOMO-TV will be answered or addressed by panelists, so viewers are encouraged to send in their questions before the show streams online.

Join the conversation by sending your thoughts on the #MeToo movement:

FACEBOOK - Include the hashtag #KOMOTownHall after you post your question to the KOMO News Facebook wall. If you are posting it to your own page, be sure the settings on that post are ticked to public, and that you've included the hashtag #KOMOTownHall. Finally, if you are asking your question as a comment on a pre-existing story or live stream, please also include the hashtag #KOMOTownHall so we can find it.

TWITTER - Tweet your question, and add the hashtag #KOMOTownHall at the end.

BURST - Record a video of you or someone else, and upload the video to All you have to do is visit, then click the "Town Hall" bubble, and upload your video. Please include your name and location if you don't already state it in your video.

Click here to upload a video submission to KOMO News

The last day to join the discussion and submit questions is Friday, March 16.


Thank you for participating.

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