KOMO News town hall to focus on heroin crisis

Heroin needles litter a park in Western Washington. The "North Everett Take Back Our Neighborhood" team sweeps places like Lowell Park, searching for needles, tinfoil, crack pipes, and other hazards. (KOMO photo)

SEATTLE -- KOMO News will be airing a town hall that focuses on the region's opioid crisis on March 28, and is looking for questions or concerns from the public.

The round-table style discussion includes law enforcement's role in handling the crisis, Seattle's plan for supervised injection sites and features a local community's lawsuit against the makers of OxyContin.

A group of local panelists will be sharing their experience, debating issues and answering questions submitted by KOMO viewers.

Panelists include (but is not limited to):

Questions and concerns submitted on Facebook and Twitter using the #KOMOTownHall hashtag, or uploaded to Burst will be answered by panelists, so viewers are encouraged to send in their questions before the show airs.

Join the conversation by sending your question, or response to any of the topics below:

  • What are your biggest concerns about the heroin crisis?
  • How should the community and law enforcement deal with heroin addicts?
  • Should “safe” (supervised) inspection sites be allowed in Washington? (Sites sanctioned by the city or county where addicts can use heroin under medical supervision)
  • Should drug companies be held responsible for opioid abuse?
  • How has the heroin crisis affected you?

Here's how to send your question or response to KOMO News:

  1. FACEBOOK - Include the hashtag #KOMOTownHall after you post your question to the KOMO News Facebook wall. If you are posting it to your own page, be sure the settings on that post are ticked to public, and that you've included the hashtag #KOMOTownHall. Finally, if you are asking your question as a comment on a pre-existing story or live stream, please also include the hashtag #KOMOTownHall so we can find it.
  2. TWITTER - Tweet your question, and add the hashtag #KOMOTownHall at the end.
  3. BURST - Record a video of you or someone else asking a question, and upload the video to All you have to do is visit, then click the "Town Hall" bubble, and upload your video. Please include your name and location if you don't already state it in your video.

The last day to join the discussion and submit questions is Friday, March 24, and "Heroin: A Community Crisis" can be watched on television and online at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 28.

Until then, we invite you to learn more about the heroin crisis, and how it has affected Western Washington, in the "Hooked on Heroin" section of

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