Kitchen fire latest setback for Aberdeen restaurant owner

Kitchen fire latest setback for Aberdeen restaurant owner (Photo: KOMO News)

ABERDEEN, Wash. -- A longtime Aberdeen restaurant shutdown after an early morning grease fire Monday – the latest setback for the owner during two tough years.

The kitchen at the Blue Beacon Restaurant & Lounge caught fire after the restaurant’s chef arrived and turned on the grill. He began his prep work, and when he turned around, the grill was on fire. The flames quickly spread, causing extensive damage to the kitchen.

Owner Charlotte Grimblot believes they may not reopen for six months.

“I’m just devastated,” she said. “This is my livelihood.”

Charlotte and her husband Donald owned the Blue Beacon together for nearly 30 years. He ran the books and she bartended.

“We worked side-by-side every day,” Charlotte said. “It was everything to us.”

Donald died two years ago, leaving Charlotte to run the restaurant alone. It’s been anything but easy ever since.

Last May, a man bizarrely drove his truck through the building after finishing his meal. He was arrested for hit-and-run. The restaurant was forced to close for four months as they remodeled.

Then in November, just one month after reopening, two burglars broke in and stole more than $2,200.

“I’m thinking, 'God, what did I do that was so bad?'” Charlotte said.

Now, they’re closed once again. But Charlotte refuses to walk away from Blue Beacon.

“We have to rebuild,” she told KOMO News.

She’s concerned for her 11 employees, and for the business she built with the love of her life.

“This was our place so I could never let it go,” she said.

So she’ll slowly repair her restaurant yet again, hoping the love that built the place can refill it with joy someday soon.

“I’ll do what I have to do,” she said. “And hopefully we’ll be back open.”

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