King County Public Health: Be extra cautious when using illicit drugs

Photo from Public Health Seattle & King County shows pills containing fentanyl that were sold on the streets of Seattle.

King County Public Health reported seven drug overdoses occurred in the north Seattle area Thursday.

Six of the seven were transported to hospitals and none of the victims have died from the overdoses. They didn't immediately know the type of drugs used in the overdoses, but according to first responders some victims reported injecting heroin and others snorting a crushed pill that have been fentanyl.

Because of the uptick in overdoses Public Health is urging illicit drug users to use caution and to not use drugs alone.

They suggest having naloxone ready, start low and go slow (use a small amount before continuing use), call 911 as soon as you suspect an overdose and seek treatment for drug use disorders.

If you struggle with drug addiction you can seek help at 1-866-780-1511.

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