Kent police share investigation details in deadly shooting by officer


KENT, Wash. - The family of a man shot and killed by Kent police demanded answers -- and now the department has delivered dozens of documents and videos they had requested.

The Kent police chief said he wants to be as transparent as possible in the deadly shooting of Giovonn Joseph-McDade.

Among the items made public are various surveillance videos of the chase, statements from the officers involved, and a re-enactment with Devonte Cheeks, the passenger who was with Joseph-McDade the night he died.

In that re-enactment, and officer asked Cheeks if he and Joseph-McDade planned to run once they were boxed in by officers in a cul-de-sac.

"No, not at all," Cheeks can be heard saying on the tape. "(Joseph-McDade) never talked about it. He never said anything. He just started driving."

Police said they tried to pull over Joseph-McDade during a traffic stop last month, but he took off. The chase ended in a cul-de-sac, where investigators said McDade and a patrol car collided. That's when an officer ordered them to get out, Cheeks said.

"(The officer) was yelling turn off the car! Stop the car! Get out of the car," Cheeks said.

Instead, police said Joseph-McDade gunned the engine instead.

"The cop saw that Giovonn had no intention of stopping so he fired three shots," Cheeks said.

Officer William Davis said he only fired twice, telling investigators, "in an attempt to stop the driver from running me over, I fired twice from my duty pistol as the suspect vehicle continued to drive at me."

Joseph-McDade died from those gunshots. Cheeks doesn't think he meant to hurt anyone.

"I don't think Giovonn would have hit the cop on purpose," he said.

Police said they later found methamphetamine and marijuana in the car.

A spokesperson for Joseph-McDade's family said they plan to respond to what the police have released on Wednesday.

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