Keep storm drains clear to prevent flooding, officials warn

Storm drain (Kitsap Co. Photo)

With the snow turning into rain across much of the area, officials are warning people to keep the storm drains on their streets clear of snow, ice and debris.

Forecasters think Monday's storm will bring warmer air and could end up melting off a lot of the snowpack from the central Puget sound south.

The result could be flooded roads and yards.

"During large weather events like we are experiencing, we have crews out around the county to manage snow and minimize local flooding,” says Chris May, Kitsap County Stormwater Division Program Manager, in a news release. “Residents can help by monitoring their neighborhood drains and contacting us if they see a problem."

Kitsap County is asking residents to clear snow and ice away from drains and warns that it may need to be done repeatedly if more snow falls.

A few tips:

  • Do not block storm drains with snow shoveled from your driveway.
  • If the storm drain is blocked, use a shovel to clear the top of the grate, and break up and remove any built up ice.
  • NEVER remove a storm drain lid or attempt to clean a drain located in a busy street.
  • Do not wade into water when you are unsure of the depth.
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