Driver to pay just $191 for letting truck crash into Edmonds home

A semi truck without a driver crashed into a home in Edmonds Monday, June 18, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News)

Edmonds Police said the driver didn’t set the brakes on the tractor trailer that crashed into the side of a house on Monday. The driver will have to pay a fine but won’t face criminal charges.

The Cooper family, who’ve owned the home for 34 years, said they’re focused on getting their things out of this house and finding another place to stay. But after hearing the driver will only face a fine, they weren’t too happy.

“I don’t know what I was expecting but it just kind of shocked me, said Karen Cooper, who was at home watching her five grandchildren when the accident happened.

Shocked was how Karen Cooper and her family felt when she found out that a $191 fine was issued to the driver of the tractor trailer that crashed into her house.

“It’s definitely more than a traffic violation in my opinion whether someone was hurt or not,” said Ian Fleshman-Cooper, Karen’s grandson who had just come home from the gym before the crash.

No one was inside the tractor when it rolled down the hill but Edmonds Police said they fined the driver working for Evergreen Heavy Haul. The driver not only failed set the brakes but didn’t place blocks in front of the tractor’s tires.

“Sometimes accidents are just accidents but if someone had been injured, of course, there would be much more to examine,” said Sgt. Josh McClure with the Edmonds Police Dept.

Edmonds Police closed the investigation but the Coopers still have to deal with the aftermath of the accident.

“We have to move out of our house and we’ve been told it might be up to nine months. We don’t know if the house can be rebuilt or if there’s too much damage. We have a lot of water and diesel damage in our basement,” Karen said.

The Coopers will stay with relatives as long as they can but Cooper said the accident has left her traumatized. Her grandchildren narrowly escaped the crash and she doesn’t know if she can live in the house again.

“If it wasn’t a nice day out, we wouldn’t have been in that stroller because that’s their nap time. It crushes me to see the mattress that I had in the play pen out here.”

Cooper said she’ll continue working with her insurance company to assess the damage and she hopes they’ll cover the cost of repairs. Evergreen Heavy Haul declined to comment on the accident.

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