'It's devastating:' Family of 6-year-old boy killed in Lynnwood speaks out

Pakko family photos

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Many friends, family and even strangers are grappling with the loss of a 6-year-old Lynnwood boy.

Prosecutors say Dayvid Pakko was drowned by his uncle, who was taking care of the boy on Monday. Pakko's body was later found in a trash bin nearby.

The uncle was visiting the boy and his mother from Texas.

“It’s devastating,” said Dayvid's cousin Devin Pakko-Lee.

But to understand the pain, loss and grief so many feel by the tragic death, is to see who he was.

“We are trying hard just to remember Dayvid’s life because that’s what's getting us through it,” said Pakko-Lee.

Dayvid’s six short years made a profound impact on the people who loved him most.

“He was so curious and so alive -- just vivacious,” said Pakko-Lee.

Dayvid was diagnosed with autism when he was just a baby. But his mom Kori jumped into action to meet his every need.

Dayvid did well at school and was adored by teachers and staff at Beverly Elementary in Lynnwood.

“His heart was just in things, ya know,” said Pakko-Lee.

Whether it was playing Legos or jumping on the bed, the first grader did it with passion and great big smile.

“He was the type of boy who that the minute he walked into a room, the spotlight just went straight to him,” said Riley Millegan, a family friend.

As those who love the boy struggle to understand why a tragedy took his life – the focus now is on all the joy and happiness he brought to this world.

“We want people to remember his life,” said Pakko-Lee. “And not all of this.”

The 19-year-old uncle accused of drowning Pakko was charged Thursday with first-degree murder in Snohomish County District Court, according to court documents.

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