'It was a lot of chaos going on': roads shutdown due to storm

'It was a lot of chaos going on': roads shutdown due to storm (PHOTO: KOMO News)

From Auburn, to Tukwila and Kent, treacherous conditions forced many roads to close but the closed roads didn't stop some drivers from putting themselves at risk.

In Kent, KOMO News crews saw car after car, and even an ATV — all blatantly ignore the barriers closing the treacherous 277th Street hill.

Cars and trucks drove past them to go up or down the windy, snow-covered hill.

"Someone actually got out of their car to move the barrier like five feet to get their truck through,” said David Poindexter. “But it’s still too dangerous for them."

Car crashes and spin outs had forced police to close 277th Street up the east hill to 116th Avenue SE.

"I wish that they would have closed the road off on Auburn Way and not send anybody this way,” said Norma Takeuchi who lives in the neighborhood. “It was a lot of chaos going on."

But some who broke the rules didn't get away with it. We saw police give tickets.

Officers said one driver got a reckless driving ticket for driving the hill with a child inside.

Whether it was the barrier on 277th Street or any other in the region, police said they're there for a good reason.

"Its safety, so safety first. I completely understand,” said Takeuchi.

As the snow conditions get worse, police said please stay home and don't put lives in danger.

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