Iraq vet treks with 100 pound pack for veterans with PTSD

Iraq vet treks with 100 pound pack for veterans with PTSD

KENNEWICK, Wash -- Memorial Day is set aside to remember men and women who have died serving our country. But one local war vet says many soldiers are dying after they come home, and he wants to honor those heroes.

35-year-old Christopher Linck was shot in the neck in Baghdad in 2003 when he was a marine sniper.

He says he's seen too many war veterans come home with severe PTSD and take their own lives, or turn to drugs or alcohol.

Monday he is trekking 20 miles in the Tri-Cities carrying a 100 pound pack, representing the burden that veterans carry after war.

Dozens of people came out to support him, including an emotional Vietnam war veteran. "What this gentleman behind me went through is exactly what we're here for... to say we know what you're going through and we got you. We're here for you and even though he can't carry that pack we'll carry it for you. "

Linck took off at eight Monday morning from the Veteran's Memorial in Columbia Park in Kennewick. He expects the trek to take about eight to 10 hours.

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