Immigrant mother released in Tacoma waiting to be reunited with 6-year-old son

Yolany Padilla, 24, from Honduras, was released on $8,000 bond from a private immigration jail in Tacoma on Friday. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - A mother released from the Northwest Detention Center demanded to be reunited with her 6-year-old son on Wednesday. She hasn’t seen the boy in nearly two months.

Yolany Padilla said she’s relieved to be out of the Northwest Detention Center, but now she just wants to get her son back.

Through her interpreter, the 24-year-old mother said she’s being abused by the U.S. government because she hasn’t been reunited with her son, Jelsin.

“It’s been enough. The punishment has been completed. It’s time to return our kids,” Honduras-born Padilla said through an interpreter.

Padilla was released from Northwest Detention Center Friday, after being detained at the Texas border back in May. She said while in Texas, she had to drink water from a toilet tank and ICE Agents taunted her.

“The officer said, 'do you think by simply dropping a bomb on your country, that’s how we’ll end this immigration? Just by getting rid of everybody, by killing everybody?'” Padilla said through an interpreter.

Since she’s been released, Padilla has been in contact with her son, who’s in foster care in New York. But, she still doesn’t know when she’ll see him again.

“The only reason he’s not with his mother right now is because of the inhumane policy that required he be torn from her arms," said Padilla’s attorney Leta Sanchez with Carol Edwards and Associates. "So essentially at this time we’re being required to prove Yolany’s fitness as a parent, despite the fact she’s done nothing to call her parenting into question."

Padilla has been asked to submit fingerprints and undergo a background check, which could take two months to complete. She’s also the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit filed against the U.S. government to get her son back.

Right now Padilla is required to stay in the state of Washington while she’s out on bond. She said if and when she gets her son back, she doesn’t want to return to Honduras.

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