'I'm just happy to be alive honestly' 15-year-old hit and run victim shares story

    'I'm just happy to be alive honestly' 15-year-old hit and run victim shares story (PHOTO: KOMO News)

    A 15-year-old boy is improving at Harborview Medical Center two days after he was badly injured in a hit and run in Auburn.

    Isami Brandan was hit by a car while trying to cross Auburn Way with a friend. He was rushed to Harborview with a concussion, face fractures and cuts and bruises to his spleen, hands and legs.

    “I’m just thankful for what’s been given to me right now,” Brandan said.

    Brandan doesn’t remember much from the crash.

    “I’m just being told about a lot of things that I did. So right after I was hit I just put myself to the ground and started praying,” he said. “It was just my instinct to pray. Because I didn’t know how much time I had left.”

    Brandan isn’t dealing with much pain anymore, though he still gets dizzy and his memory is still hazy. His family says doctors will keep him at Harborview at least through the weekend to help with memory and walking issues.

    Auburn Police were searching for the driver who hit Brandan. They released photos of a red sedan seen speeding just before the collision.

    Friday evening, Auburn Police said they have arrested a 26-year-old Kent male in connection with the case.

    Based on information police received, they were able to locate the vehicle and take the vehicle into custody. The vehicle was a rental car and police say the suspect is cooperating with officers.

    Police say this is a felony hit and run due to Brandan’s injuries. But the teen isn’t angry with the driver. He blames himself for jaywalking on a dangerous street.

    “On my behalf, I say sorry, because that was my fault,” he said. “I never intended to throw myself in front of a car and cause someone’s life so much trouble.”

    Brandan says he’s learned a lesson, and he hopes the driver will as well.

    “I don’t want to cause too much trouble for him,” Brandan said. “At the same time, I don’t know if it was his fault or mine.”

    He was hoping the driver would come forward.

    “They’re just going to keep looking for them,” he said. “You’re going to get tired of running. So just make the most of it and turn yourself in with an apology.”

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