'I'm going to die:' Woman recalls near abduction in Montesano


MONTESANO, Wash. -- A young woman says she's greatly relieved now that a man she says tried to kidnap her is in jail.

The woman's strong memory helped break the case.

"It's an exciting day, for sure," said AnnMarie Shuck. She just got word that police found Isaac Gusman 30 miles way up in the woods at a camp he'd made. He was found from tips that came in after she gave such a good description of her attacker.

"Honestly I was trying to remember everything about him, so as I was running home I was like 'tall, red shirt.'" That led to a sketch and then a photo line-up where she picked out Gusman. "Absolutely, there's no question," she said of the identity.

The 21-year-old said she was walking home from work the evening of May 16. It was still light out when a man in a blue Chevy Avalanche pickup truck seen in surveillance video pulled up next to her.

"When he first grabbed me I was terrified," said AnnMarie. "At first I thought it was a joke and then I thought, 'Oh my gosh, this is real like I'm going to die. He's going to take me.' "

But the young woman who wants to be a police officer wouldn't let him. "I just dropped to the ground because I thought it would be harder for him to pick me up and put me in the truck than if I was standing, and he pushed me in and started screaming."

The guy sped away and she ran home still screaming. "As a dad hearing your daughter scream like that. It's horrible," said her father, Travis. "I'll probably never forget it."

The screams turned into action as she went out of her way to get the word out about the man that did this to her ending with Gusman now in jail. "it has definitely been the communit,y and all of their tips that made it where we could find him pretty quickly," she said.

AnnMarie says she's going to go on with her life, but probably won't be out here walking alone much.

Gusman will be in court Wednesday afternoon, facing charges of attempted kidnapping. His criminal record shows the he was found guilty of theft 12 years ago and served a year in jail.

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