'I'm going to catch those creeps:' Woman & gas station clerk help nab burglary suspects

A 70-year-old woman and gas station clerk teamed up to stop a crime spree that started at a house in Gig Harbor. The suspects were eventually arrested after a gas station clerk recognized the suspects from surveillance video and alerted police through a silent alarm. (Photo: KOMO News)

GIG HARBOR, Wash. - A 70-year-old woman and gas station clerk teamed up to stop a crime spree that started at a house in Gig Harbor.

When the burglars smashed their way into Mavi McFarlane’s Gig Harbor home, first she had the feeling of violation, then the determination to find out who stole her family letters, TV, laptops, jewelry and credit cards.

“I was very upset. I felt sick to my stomach” said Mavi McFarlane. “I said you know what? I’m going to catch these creeps and I’m going to get all the information in a package and I’m going to give it to the police so they can go do their job.”

McFarlane didn't cancel her credit cards right away. Instead, she tracked the burglars using her cards in Silverdale, Tacoma and at a Gig Harbor station by her house.

She alerted the Gig Harbor gas station, showing them surveillance pictures of the suspects she got from the Silverdale gas station.

When the suspects came back trying to use another one of her stolen credit cards, the clerk recognized the suspects.

The clerk hit the panic button for police, then delayed the suspects by hiding their cellphone, even when it rang under the register.

"I just did it, I had to hold them I called the cops,” said the clerk who did not want to be identified for his safety. "When they figured I have the phone, I told them I took your phone I'm not going to bring it back."

By then, police showed up and they found evidence in the suspect’s car including a gun, methamphetamine, heroin, jewelry and a variety of stolen credit cards.

“It felt so good to get these people off the streets,” said McFarlane. “Because they had stolen stuff in the car then that wasn't mine, but other people that they had robbed."

The 32-year-old and 27-year-old suspects have been booked in the Pierce County Jail on burglary charges.

Pierce County deputies said they're still contacting victims, so if you think your stuff was stolen, call the department.

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