'I was acting crazy': Meet the little Mariners fan who went viral with her cotton candy

Lovable Beatrix Hart is a huge Seattle Mariners fan, and is winning over hearts after the 3-year old's wild reactions were featured on the big screen at Safeco Field. (Sept. 8, 2016/ KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- Around the internet, Beatrix Hart has earned the nickname “Cotton Candy Girl,” after a viral video from Wednesday’s Seattle Mariners game showing Beatrix covered in blue sugar, making faces was featured on the jumbotron.

“I was acting crazy,” the three-year-old said about the short clip that shows her making funny faces at a Mariners camera.

Beatrix ended up on the big screen several times during the game. The Mariners posted a short clip to Twitter after it ended, and it blew up across the internet overnight. By Thursday it was posted to several national media websites and trended on Reddit.

Many assume a sugar rush is what caused the wild look, but Beatrix and her dad insist she just loves making funny faces.

“You just think you’re having fun,” Jake Hart said. “Then you wake up the next morning and the whole world is talking about it.”

Jake says his daughter can’t grasp the fame she’s found overnight. Nor does she need to. He’s just glad she’s a “happy baby girl.”

Now Beatrix is begging her dad for another shot at the messy treat.

“I didn’t have enough,” she insists. “I didn’t have enough cotton candy.”

In fairness, it was her first time trying it.

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