Mother of Teekah Lewis hopes advances in genealogical tracking will help find her daughter

The mother of Teekah Lewis has renewed hope that advances in genealogical tracking will help find her daughter. (Photo: KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. - The mother of Teekah Lewis has renewed hope that advances in genealogical tracking will help find her daughter.

Teekah disappeared 20 years ago. The 4th of July holiday is tough on her family because Wednesday marks Teekah's 22nd birthday.

"I don't like to wake up on this day but I do it for Teekah," said Theresa Lewis. "I celebrate it for her."

Teekah Lewis was just two years old when she vanished from a Tacoma bowling alley.

Theresa's mom Mary just passed away.

"I told my mom before she passed away that my wish for her was if Teekah was up in heaven to give me a sign," said Lewis.

She said she got that sign in visits from her mom.

"She tells me every time she comes to me she's still here. We've just got to find her," said Lewis.

With the recent cracking of the case of Michella Welch through DNA genealogical tracking comes a new tactic for Theresa.

She said Tacoma police told her to get her DNA into the genealogy ancestry websites. It is with the possibility Teekah was adopted, doesn't know her real identity and goes looking for relatives.

"So if Teekah ever wants to know who her family is we will 'bing,'" said Lewis.

Theresa was disheartened to hear of the finding of the body of Lindsey Baum of McCleary, but believes Teekah's case is different, since she was so young with the idea no one would want to hurt a baby.

"I hope whoever took her raised her well. I hope she is successful in life," said Lewis.

And she hopes she comes home and they can celebrate birthdays together once again.

Zina Linnik would have been 23-years-old. But she was kidnapped on the 4th of July 11 years ago. Terapon Adhahn later confessed. He is also still being looked at in the murder of Adre'anna Jackson who disappeared at Christmas 2005.

"He was around at the time, but we can't prove what he was doing that day," said Adre'Anna's mom Yvette Gervais.

She said she was glad to see the solving of the Welch & Jennifer Bastian cases through DNA, but said there's little hope DNA will help in her case because only Adre'anna's bones and hair were found.

But she shares Teekah's mother's 4th of July wish that their cases will be solved.

"That would be nice, huh? I feel for them. I do. I think of Zina, too. It was uncanny how Zina and Adre'anna kind of looked the same a little bit," said Gervais.

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