Hoodsport son accused of killing mom believing she was a demon

Hoodsport son accused of killing mom believing she was a demon (PHOTO: KOMO News)

A family in Hoodsport is trying to come to grips with the tragic events of Christmas Day where a son is accused of killing his own mother. According to court documents, the son told investigators he believed his mother was possessed by a demon.

Will Foster was on a TV screen from the jail, while his heartbroken family watched from the courtroom. He is accused of beating his mother Claudia to death. In court documents he told investigators he used a baseball bat.

"He reported that he had killed his mother or a demon," said Chief Criminal Deputy of Investigations Jason Dracobly. "I'm not sure which one it was."

The Mason County Sheriff's Office said this happened about 6 PM Tuesday. The son reportedly went to a family member's house in his underwear covered in blood. In court papers they told detectives "...that William was talking about demons and his mother was a demon and he just slayed the demon."

"I don't know what to think about what happened," said Claudia's neighbor and tenant Jim Johnson. "It's just the most horrible thing."

Johnson said he only met Will a few days ago even though the son has lived there several years. He said Will told him he was schizophrenic. When asked if Johnson was concerned about him, Johnson said, "Yes, I think I was very concerned about him. In fact, I told my brother yesterday that I saw him yesterday when we were leaving for Christmas and I just told him I had a very dreadful feeling."

This has sent shock waves through this quiet community where families were all gathered celebrating Christmas. "It's obviously tragic," said Cale Ehrlich who was visiting from Seattle. "You never like to hear that."

Johnson said Claudia was just a really sweet woman, "She was a very nice lady. Just a normal person who cared about other people." She was a registered nurse working at a nursing home.

Will is due back in court Jan. 7. It's possible a psychiatric exam will be ordered for him.

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