Holy cow! Semitrailer full of cattle nearly slides into river in E. Wash.

    The semi stopped just before it was about to plunge into the Snake River near Pasco. (Photo credit: Pasco Police Dept.)

    PASCO, Wash. - A semi-trailer loaded with cattle nearly slid into the Snake River near Pasco this week.

    Pasco police say a semi was carrying a trailer full of cows from Canada, headed along Highway 12 on Monday afternoon to the Tyson Foods plant at Wallula.

    As the semi approached its last intersection, a white Chevy Cruze was coming the other way, attempting a left turn across the median to go south on Sacajewea Park Road.

    "Under the slick conditions, the driver found himself crawling out of the median area and into the path of the semi," police said.

    The semi had no way of stopping, police say, so the driver tried to move out of the way and went down a steep embankment, bouncing hard over the railway at the bottom.

    The cab then came to a stop "almost literally hanging over the water," police said.

    There were no injuries.

    Meanwhile, the cattle were let out and went bounding up the hill before they were herded back together to continue their journey the next day.

    And the semitrailer may be stuck on the river bank for some time before it can be pulled back up the embankment.

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