Holiday care packages for service members stolen from Lynden VFW post

Holiday care packages for service members stolen from Lynden VFW post

LYNDEN, Wash. -- Someone snuck into a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Lynden and stole several items gathered for care packages to be sent to active military members.

“A thief is bad enough,” VFW 9301 Post Commander Lonnie Rose said. “But when you steal from the very people that are risking their lives for their freedoms, that’s pitiful.”

The thief crawled in through a window overnight Saturday and ripped through two doors, doing more than $2,000 in damage, then stole a pile of cash from a fundraiser.

Worst of all, the thief raided several shelves stocked with assorted items soon to be packed into Christmas care packages for local military members serving overseas.

“The troop box, when it’s all unwrapped is pretty insignificant,” Rose said. “But if you’re thousands of miles from home, in harm’s way, it becomes very significant.”

Rose knows. He served in Vietnam, and received one package during his time in the war zone. It came from a neighbor in his hometown.

“It was a touch of home,” he said. “Somebody cared.”

Now, that somebody is him. Rose says he and his team will make up that money and restock those shelves to ensure the packages reach those men and women.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the case and said it is following up on leads, but deputies could not provide more information Wednesday.

You can find out more on the VFW Post 9301 Facebook page.

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