Gig Harbor releases death investigation results on radio icon Casey Kasem

Gig Harbor releases death investigation results on radio icon Casey Kasem (PHOTO: KOMO File)

GIG HARBOR, Wash. – Police have released their findings on claims that radio legend Casey Kasem was killed by his own family. The report could become part of the legal battle that involves the fortune Kasem left behind.

Gig Harbor Police reopened their death investigation case the request of Kasem's widow. Jean Kasem claims her step-children killed her husband, which was detailed in a private investigator’s report. However, investigators in Gig Harbor said they found no evidence to back that up.

At his height, Casey Kasem was heard around the world and his radio show "American Top 40" was enjoyed by millions of fans. He died in 2014 at a hospital in Gig Harbor at the age of 82.

Last month his wife asked police to reopen the case.

“We focused our investigation simply on three things,” said Gig Harbor Police Chief Kelly Busey.

Investigators looked at whether the standard of care was appropriate, if the people making the medical decisions were authorized to do so and whether there was any collusion between Kasem's three grown children and the doctors to end Kasem’s life prematurely.

“We could not find any evidence of a crime within there," Busey said.

Kasem's death investigation will now be forwarded to prosecutors for review, in case crucial evidence was overlooked or omitted. The chief said their investigation had some unique challenges.

“It was difficult from the attention. I mean, we're receiving inquiries from national media sources over this and really our part of this was very small,” Busey said.

There is still a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Kasem's adult children against their step-mom, and a counter-suit she filed in response. The outcome could determine who inherits Kasem's fortune, which is reportedly as much as $100 million.

Kasem's two daughters reacted to the police department's findings and said they feel vindicated.

“It's not about money, it's not about any of that. it's about getting justice for my dad and Jean is making it about money,” said Kerri Kasem. “Jean is making it about everything, about what this is and it’s a fact that she horrifically abused my dad and caused his death."

Julie Kasem Aboulhosn also replied.

“We're actually very grateful to the Gig Harbor Police Department for conducting this investigation and concluding that there is no evidence to support Jean's wildly ridiculous claims,” she said.

KOMO News also reached Jean Kasem on Thursday night, a few hours after the death investigation was released. She said a statement was forthcoming, but it was still not available at the point when this report was published.

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