Shop and stop lets you create your own cyber deals

SEATTLE -- There are plenty of legit websites celebrating a successful Cyber Monday, but don't think the deals end at midnight.

Once Tuesday arrives, you can still make your own deals.

How? You know that used car technique? Make a deal, then walk off lot, hoping the salesman won't let you go and make a better deal.

You can do that online.

Lisa Lee and Noelle Garcia recently ordered products online, adding them to their virtual shopping cart. But then they stopped just before they hit the place order button.

"Signing up, backing out and waiting for that email," Lee said.

They're awaiting an e-mail offering them a discount.

Sure enough, they got a secret sale -- $5 off, 10 percent off, 25 percent off - then they go back to their shopping cart and use the emailed discount, all for walking away like a car deal.

"And right as you are about to walk off the lot because the price is too high, he runs to the edge of the lot and brings you back," said Jeff Nobbs who runs His site is a free online shopping site that keeps tracks of deals and gives kickbacks to its customers who begin their purchase at

"If you can take what feels natural, which is what happens offline, and put it online, then you have a winning recipe," Nobbs said.

Not every online retailer runs to the edge of the lot, but many are starting too. It's something Amazon's been doing for years, says one email marketing company.

"If we can trigger emails based upon actions that they are taking on a website, it is not only a win for the retailer but also a win for the consumer," said Ross Kramer.

Lee said she was surprised to find out about these kind of deals.

"Right away, even hours after looking at their website and thinking about it, they would send you an email sometimes 20 percent off," she said.

Just for having patience with the place order button.
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