Police: Man killed mom, stepdad, and then disposed of bodies

SEATTLE -- A South Park man is being held without bail after investigators say he murdered his mother and stepfather and then disposed of their bodies near the Duwamish River.

Richard Parenteau Jr., 45, was arrested Saturday after a man walking his dog found the body of Parenteau's stepfather, David Wells, near 8th Ave. S and S. Portland St. The other body, Parenteau's mother, Linda, was found not far from there, under Highway 99, police said.

Longtime friends of Parenteau say the father of two had become increasingly more paranoid following a difficult divorce and the death of his father.

"There were so many warning signs there," said Alan Crownover, who went to high school with Parenteau. "He thought they put something in his arm and were bugging his phone. He thought he was Jesus. I tried to warn his parents a month and a half ago. I never thought it would escalate to where it would come back on (them)."

Parenteau had spent some time getting help for mental illness, Crownover added.

"He had an incident in White Center where he was freaked out and running down the street, and that's when they first did a 30-day involuntary commitment," Crownover added. "The SWAT team's been (to his house) so many times."

Red crime scene tape remained up around the house Monday. Flowers and candles were left on the front lawn.

"They were nice people," added neighbor Patty Engrissei, "but (Rich) reminds me of a schizophrenic, or a ticking time bomb. We knew something was going to happen."

Engrissei said she'd seen a SWAT team at the house at least three times in the 10 years she's lived in the neighborhood. Records show Parenteau has been arrested several times in the past, including for assault.

On Monday, judge Arthur Chapman ordered Parenteau held without bail.

"My friend said he's going to go off at any time, and then it just happened the next day," Engrissei added. "Everybody here is just stunned. It's a different feeling when it's right next door. It definitely is."

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