Free burger not enough? Thief steals from restaurant giving away food

SEATTLE -- Unless they're played by George Clooney or have to steal to eat, it's basically understood that most criminals are jerks. And, this suspected thief may have just moved into the lead for biggest jerk of the week.

According to the Seattle Police Department, someone took advantage of a Ballard restaurant giving away free burgers on Labor Day to sneak in and steal an employee's stuff.

In celebration of its two-year anniversary, Lil Woody's on Market Street was giving away free burgers to all comers, and it was proving to be quite the popular publicity stunt. According to the police report for the incident, the restaurant was extremely busy, and its employees were entirely focused on serving the large crowd of customers.

According to the report, someone took advantage of the hectic scene and snuck in through a backdoor. The intruder reportedly tilted a security camera toward the ceiling and made their way into a storage room, where they took an employee's laptop, thumb drive and other accessories.

The employee later told officers he suspects someone from the building's previous restaurant is behind the theft because they knew right were the security camera was.

And, seriously, was the free burger not enough?

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