'Freaky number' of twins graduate from University of Puget Sound

KOMO PHOTO. May 15, 2016.

TACOMA, Wash. -- Within the crowd of 661 graduates who earned diplomas at the University of Puget Sound Saturday sat four groups of twins who spent the past four years pursuing higher education alongside their sibling.

The odds may not seem strange. In fact, we broke down the numbers with a math professor at UPS who showed us that a random group of 661 people would expect to have nine sets of fraternal twins. However, that equation doesn't include the many factors that go into two twins ending up at the same university.

"In a small campus, to have that many elect to come here, I don't think we've seen much of that through the years," Math Professor Robert Beezer said.

The four sets of twins - three fraternal and one identical - all know each other on the small campus. Coincidentally, each family has at least one twin who took part in the rowing team.

Rachel and Rebeka Glover are the identical twins. They say others on campus mix them up all the time.

"I get comments like, 'do you where wigs a lot?'" Rachel said. Rebeka responded, "have you been hugged by anybody." The answer was yes.

Even professors confuse the sets sometimes, at least the two pairs of girls.

The Glovers will head separate ways next year. Nihal and Dina Mustakim, on the other hand, are moving in together again - this time in Federal Way, far from their hometown of Las Vegas.

"We weren't sick of each other," Nihal said smiling.

Either way, all eight will accept a diploma Sunday, as family watches from the stands and the student section.

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