Forgot what the sun looks like? Seattle expecting first sunny day in nearly a month

File photo of a sunny Seattle day on Aug. 18, 2017, just in case you forgot what the skyline looks like in the sun. (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- The Emerald City usually abbreviated "SEA" in the aviation and weather world, but perhaps we should change it to "OVC" -- as in "overcast". The term has been a consistent feature of the city's weather reports over the past several weeks.

Thursday broke a streak of eight consecutive days that registered as total overcast in Seattle. The National Weather Service gives a daily "sunshine score" in its climate report on a scale of 0-10 -- zero being a crystal clear sunny day from start to finish and a 10 being overcast during the daylight hours. (0= clear, 1-3 = mostly sunny, 4-7 = partly cloudy, 8-9 = mostly cloudy. 10= overcast)

Our scores since Jan. 31; 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.... and then the streak was busted Thursday!...with an 8. That's an average cloud score in February of... 9.75.

Grey skies are nothing new in the winter here, but it has been rather relentless. Between Jan. 15 and Jan. 29, the "sunniest" score was an 8, with eight '9's and three 10's. The score of '6' on the 30th was the only day since Jan. 15 that was considered "partly cloudy".

Our last reasonably sunny day was Jan. 14 (a '4') and our last officially sunny day was Jan. 3 (a '2'). January 3rd technically is the only sunny day of 2018.

BUT! Saturday has a chance to join the sun parade. Forecast charts show the clouds of Friday finally clearing late in the day, setting up Saturday as a dry and mostly sunny day. It's even on a weekend! Mountains will be rediscovered! It may not be completely cloudless -we will see some high clouds later in the day that might ding the official sunshine score, but by winter standards, we'll count it.

A northerly wind will give the air a little chill that has been missing for a while and highs will stay in the 40s. But be sure to soak up the sun, because clouds will return Saturday night as another weather system arrives Sunday. This will bring the familiar grey with light showers but as an added bonus, they could mix with some snowflakes in the far North Sound near the Canadian border and in the mountain foothills as snow levels drop to 500 feet or so. No accumulations are expected but at least it will spice up the rather boring weather pattern of late.

Once this system clears, the skies should clear again as we get into early next week -- maybe even back to back dry days. Rain fans get back into their groove on Wednesday.

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