Five cars hit by rocks thrown from I-5 overpasses in Seattle

State Troopers and police are investigating after five cars were hit by rocks thrown from overpasses since September. (Photo: Gordie Njelde)

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Police and the Washington State Patrol are trying to figure out who 's tossing rocks from overpasses in Seattle. Some have come dangerously close to injuring motorists.

“You’re going along and all of sudden, boom, loud noise, crash,” said Gordie Njelde. “I had glass in my arm.”

Gordie Njelde was driving 55 mph on northbound Interstate 5 near Spring Street when he was suddenly shocked and stunned.

An 8-pound rock thrown from an overpass above I-5 crashed through his windshield.

“It came about this close for me,” said Njelde. “Who would do something like that?”

Njelde’s vehicle is one of five that have been hit by rocks being tossed onto I-5 since September. The latest dangerous incident happened Tuesday.

“I hear this loud explosion, I mean the loudest thing I’ve ever heard inside a car,” said Gee Scott, host of the "Gee Scott Show" on 710 ESPN Radio.

The radio host was riding in an Uber on I-5, just north of the West Seattle Freeway when a rock struck the car’s windshield.

“You’re not thinking about somebody on a bridge or overpass dropping boulders and rocks down,” said Gee.

But that’s just what troopers said is happening. It’s a serious crime that investigators want to solve.

“It can go into the felony range if someone is injured by that act,” said Trooper Chris Johnson.

It can even kill, and that's why authorities want the public to keep close watch.

“I want somebody to get caught,” said Gee.

If you have any information about these incidents, call 911.

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