First the Seven the Seven Seas

Martin Frey arrives in Seattle April 17, 2016. He completes 11-year journey, becoming first person to climb seven highest peaks and cross seven seas. (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- It's the world's largest and longest ocean race, and consists of a dozen identical 70-foot yachts. The organization is called "Clipper 'Round the World."

"Clipper is an organization that puts sail training together for people who have never been sailing," says Clipper sailor Martin Frey, "to participate in their round the world race, or in a 'leg' or a segment of that race. Whatever they choose."

And Frey would certainly know. He just arrived in Seattle last week after completing the final leg of his journey around the world via boat. But why in the world would a former Cisco executive do this?

"Sometimes that comfort zone gets us caught in a box, and I hope to inspire people to step outside that box, test their faith, test their courage, and set a goal for themselves; they think might be questionable whether they can do it. But to really go after it."

Frey's finish here in Seattle gives him a very clear distinction.

"So now I'm the first guy to have climbed the Seven Summits," says Frey. "And to have sailed the Seven Seas."

Now it's time for the next leg of the Clipper journey, which leaves from Seattle on Thursday.

"They're gonna sail from here down to Panama, through the Panama Canal and back up to New York for the next leg of the race," he said.

Frey, a former Silicon Valley executive, says it's also cool to have most of his adventures with his family.

"We have a handicapped daughter who is severely disabled," Frey says. "We had an opportunity to see the world that we never would have, visit little islands in the South Pacific with her. She was our little ambassador."

Will he do it again? Will he get out on that boat and start sailing?

"I think maybe in a future year, come back. I think my wife is a little more enthused that I'm done than I am. But she thinks what's next is antique stores or something," Frey says with a smile. "I may have to broaden that vision out a little bit."

Maybe he'll seek out an antique store on the other side of the planet.

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