Final football game canceled for Everett High over 'safety' concerns

    Final football game canceled for Everett High over 'safety' concerns

    Everett High School’s varsity football season is over after the school district abruptly canceled the final game this week over “safety and supervision” concerns.

    Everett High had a scheduled home game against Stanwood on Friday.

    The game was canceled, the district said, because it did not have enough staff to supervise the crowd at the stadium.

    The game was scheduled two weeks ago, which is typical for week 10 games, when teams who didn’t make the playoffs match up.

    “Because it was an optional week-10 game, and because we didn’t have security in place, it was our decision not to move forward with it,” Everett Public Schools Spokesperson Kathy Reeves said.

    This comes less than two months after a shooting outside a football game at Mariner High School in Everett forced fans to evacuate.

    After that incident, Everett Public Schools added safety measures to stadiums, including more school resource officers, district supervisors in marked vests and tools like walkie-talkies.

    Mariner High School game shooting

    Several players voiced their frustration Thursday.

    Nick Mardesich, a senior linebacker on the team, said players questioned the decision.

    “I was pretty disappointed, because it’s senior year, and I’m probably never going to play again,” Mardesich said. "Coach told me that we didn’t have enough admin to cover the game or watch over the game. Which, I don’t really know how that could happen.”

    A team mother, who asked to remain anonymous, added her sadness that the season is over.

    “Everyone thinks it’s weird and wonders why security has never been an issue before,” she said.

    The district said it is very common for teams to cancel week-10 games, noting several other schools in the region did the same.

    Stanwood organized a replacement game against Nooksack Valley High School.

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