Feds testing Ricin-like substance found in home

EVERETT, Wash. -- A federal hazmat team is searching a home where a substance believed to be ricin was found.

Police said they found a substantial amount of the substance on Wednesday at a home in the 1200 block of 50th Street Southwest after first responding to a domestic violence call at the residence on Monday.

That's when officers arrived to find a woman bleeding on her front lawn. Medics treated the woman and her husband was rushed to the hospital for tests.

"He just was lethargic at the time and not really able to communicate to us very well," said Sgt. Robert Goetz.

When the wife returned home on Wednesday, she discovered a strange substance in her husband's office and called police.

"There was some inclination on their part that it may be ricin or something like that," Goetz said.

Everett police contacted the FBI.

On Thursday federal agents brought in a hazmat team to search the home. FBI spokesperson Robbie Burroughs said the found substance appears to be ricin, a deadly poison, but only further testing would positively identify it as the poison.

Burroughs added agents found "contributing information that also led us to believe even more that it probably was."

Investigators taped off the entire block the house sits on, but said the house had been sealed before neighbors could be exposed.

Meantime, the couple's neighbors said the suspicions just don't add up. They described the couple as quiet and friendly.

"It's bizarre. It's not normal," said neighbor Marietta Alexander. "It affects your sense of security. That's for sure."

Investigators said the man who lives at the home has no links to any terrorist organizations.
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