Few answers for family of father shot to death outside Skyway home

King County Sheriff's deputies are trying to find who shot and killed a Kent father Sunday morning in Skyway and left him to die in a driveway. (KOMO News)

SKYWAY, Wash.-- King County Sheriff's deputies are trying to figure out who shot and killed a father Sunday morning in Skyway and left him to die in a driveway.

Family members have identified the man who was killed as Antoine Mathews, 45, of Kent.

On top of losing him, Mathews' family told KOMO News they are heartbroken not know why he was killed. So far, investigators haven't released a possible motive for the shooting.

Just about everyone in the Skyway neighborhood where the shooting happened heard the rapid succession of gunshots that ended Mathews' life early Sunday morning.

"I instantly knew once I heard...these are gunshots," said Meagan Seril, who lives nearby.

Seril was up feeding her baby when she heard four pops, a pause and then four more.

Deputies told KOMO News her neighbor went outside and found Mathews bleeding in a driveway.

"Our false sense of security, our peace in the neighborhood is just gone. I'm just so shaken up," Seril said. "When there’s families, communities, things like this happen… I just hate it."

Deputies immediately searched the area to try to find any possible clues about who fired the shots.

Right now, there are few answers for Mathews' family.

"I want the person who killed my son to be caught," Mathews' mother Veronica Rowe said.

Surrounded by relatives, Rowe described her son as a good guy who loved life and loved to make others laugh.

"I'm tired of these black people dying. I'm tired of black children and black men dying every day. So, we need to find out who's killing our children. I'm telling you," Rowe said.

Investigators said her son knew the woman who lives at the home where he was found, but it's not clear what their relationship was or why he was there.

Deputies did not find any gun at the scene.

Rowe believes someone has to know something about why her son's life came to an end.

"It's sad for a mother to have to bury her child. Child is supposed to bury their mother. A mother is not supposed to bury their child," Rowe said.

Mathews' sister told KOMO News that he leaves behind six kids. His seventh child died several years ago.

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