Family and friends grieve at vigil for Burien woman killed by stray bullet

Family and friends grieve at vigil for Burien woman killed by stray bullet (KOMO Photo)

BURIEN, Wash. -- A broken community came together for a vigil for Gabriela Reyes Dominguez.

The 51-year-old receptionist was killed by a stray bullet from a gun battle Wednesday afternoon in Burien.

Her family and son shared a powerful message at the vigil Thursday night, saying she was a person of love who would forgive the two teenagers arrested in her shooting death.

"It’s just love, that's who my mom was, she just loved everyone,” said Gabriela’s son to the crowd. "There will be times when people need help, just have your hearts open and help them because that's who she was. She was the first one to help you.”

In a time of frustration about the way she was killed by a stray bullet, her family says she would still forgive the two teens arrested. Investigators said the teenagers are well-known members of a gang.

"The father said he knows what she would say to the two individuals that took her life,” said Burien Mayor and Family Friend Jimmy Matta. “She would say she forgives them, the family forgives them and God bless them."

However, forgiveness doesn't mean the beloved receptionist's death will be in vain. Rather, it's a rallying call to fight the gang violence that took her life.

"I think there's a lot of frustration,” said Burien community member Roxana Pardo Garcia. “There's a lot of why does this continue, a lot of whys. A lot of why does this continue to happen?”

So now they're left with a void that can never be replaced in the community Gaby worked and died.

"She's the heart of this place,” said Chiropractor Dr. Kyle Osborne. “She for so many years had made sure that this was a safe haven for everybody who came in."

The mayor told KOMO’s News Gaby’s funeral is scheduled for Friday and the public is welcome to attend.

It will be at 'Holy Family Church' in White Center starting with a viewing at 1 p.m. and service at 3 p.m.

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