Families affected by Alaska earthquake finally land at Sea-Tac

    Families awaiting plane take-off when Alaska earthquake, hit finally land at Sea-Tac<p>{/p}

    Operations at the main airport in Anchorage were shut down shortly after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit.

    That included flights "to" and "from" Sea-Tac airport.

    Some families were on airplanes getting ready for take-off when the earthquake hit.

    Kathy Bumala was sitting on the plane ready to take off for her bucket list trip to Seattle, then the plane, and the earth, started shaking.

    "I thought, 'oh great, I finally get a vacation and here comes an earthquake,'” Kathy said. She's from Palmer, Alaska. "I was like, 'mmm some equipment hit the plane.' But it didn't stop; it just kept going, and going, and going, and finally we were like, 'oh my gosh, this is an earthquake.'"

    They got off the plane to find chaos and darkness at the Anchorage airport.

    Kathy's flight had been delayed and she got word her house in Palmer had some damage.

    She called her brother who was meeting her from San Francisco to tell him the trip they planned for a year might not happen. She loves the Seahawks and he loves the 49ers.

    The teams are squaring off this weekend.

    "Neither one of us had gone to Century Link Field, and it's supposed to be a tremendous experience, so we wanted to go and do — that it’s on our bucket list,” Bob Bumula said.

    Five hours later Kathy made it to Seattle — where the sibling rivalry will go on, but then it sunk in what a close call it was for her and her family in Alaska.

    "Everybody is safe and our whole family is safe,” Kathy said crying.

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