Explosion survivor: 'I heard neighbors screaming ... get out of the house!'

Ashleigh Campbell describes the explosion and fire. (KOMO photo)

SULTAN, Wash. - For the first time the woman who escaped a house that exploded into flames rocking an entire neighborhood in Snohomish County is speaking out.

Ashleigh Campbell was the only person sleeping inside her now burned-up home after the intense blast. Her fiancé had left work just 30 minutes before the fiery explosion that destroy her family’s home last Thursday.

A fence now surrounds the house as investigators try to determine what kind of fuel – propane or natural gas -- started the fast moving fire.

“I heard neighbors screaming outside so I went to the front door and saw the light of the blaze and one of my neighbors calling to get out of the house,” said Ashleigh Campbell.

The 32-year-old didn’t hear the explosion. But she saw the smoke and flames and knew she needed to get out.

"I saw the debris had covered the front stairs so I went out the back,” she said.

Campbell escaped to safety without injury and watched her home transform into charred rubble from the curb. Miraculously, her fiancé’s children were not home when blast rocked the neighborhood.

“We are doing well within the context of the situation,” said Jack Bridentine, who is Campbell’s fiancé and owns the home. “But I’m really stressed out about my neighbors.”

That’s because the explosion caught the house next door on fire. The attic and roof were severely damaged. There was also a lot of smoke and water damage to the home.

“Right now we are just really confused, really scared, and not quite sure what we are going to do,” said Brent Nault whose house sustained damage from the explosion.

Nault’s home owners insurance policy for his blended family of seven does not cover the contents inside the house or emergency housing since they need another place to live while their home undergoes repairs for up to a year.

“I don’t really know what to do,” said Annalease Reasoner, who is Nault’s fiancée.

While both sets of neighbors are grateful they are still surrounded by the ones they love, one family now has an uncertain future.

“We need a place to stay,” said Nault.

If you like to help Brent Nault, Annalease Reasoner and their family a GoFundMe account has been set up in their name.

The home where the blast happened is fully insured.

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