Everett police make arrest in 2007 murder

EVERETT - Police here say detectives have made an arrest in a cold-case murder from 2007.

Detectives arrested the 34-year-old Everett man, questioned him and booked him into jail Wednesday night.

The man who was arrested has been known to the police since the beginning of the investigation. Court documents show that the evidence slowly mounted against the man until police believed they had enough to arrest him

He was arrested in the shooting death of Jose Luis Martinez on June 27, 2007. The victim and his two friends went to apartments at 900 W. Casino Road to buy marijuana and cocaine. They met a group of men. One took Luis' money but didn't return.

Luis demanded his money back. An argument ensued, and one man pulled a gun, shooting the victim in the chest and one of his friends, police said.

Police were looking for an Asian male and a heavy-set white man, court documents say. The man who was arrested this week was identified, and his photo was in a montage. The wounded man looked at the photos and said he was 50 percent sure that he was the man who shot him, court documents said.

Police approached the man detectives later arrested in 2009. He denied any knowledge of the crime and was released, court documents say.

Court documents show that police gathered statements in 2015 and 2017 in which witnesses pointed to the man who was arrested

Two people said the man told them he had done the shooting. One person said he saw the man shoot the victim.

In July of this year, a woman said the suspect had been in her apartment just before the shooting. He got a call, grabbed a .22-caliber revolver and left, court documents say.

"She asked what the gun was for, and he said he didn't trust who he was meeting with," court documents say.

The man didn't return for days to get his belongings. When he did return, he said "that he shot the victim because the victim had a screwdriver and was coming at him," court documents said.

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