Everett leaders want permanent ban on malt liquor


EVERETT, Wash. -- The city of Everett is trying to turn a voluntary ban on malt liquor into a permanent one.

On Wednesday, city leaders will pitch the State Liquor and Cannabis Board on an alcohol impact zone, which would outlaw stores from selling the fortified alcoholic product.

For the past six months, the city has put a voluntary impact zone in place, but has only seen a minor decrease in alcohol related incidents.

"I've actually called (police) three times this week," said Jim Staniford, who owns Vintage Café in downtown Everett. "All the calls on people in the next block just drinking on the sidewalk."

The proposed alcohol impact zone would include 101 Everett stores which could no longer sell a list of 20 malt liquor or fortified beer products.

So far, dozens of local businesses have already expressed support, saying it would make streets safer and cut down on what they call a blight of public intoxication.

"I'm a believer you have to start somewhere to solve the problem," admitted Staniford.

KOMO News did speak to those against the proposed ban. The individuals wouldn't go on camera, but did say their fear is if malt liquor is off the table those interested will only look for something stronger.


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