Thieves steal van from Lynnwood Food Bank after breaking into nearby church, employees say

The van stolen from the parking lot of the Lynnwood Food Bank early Monday morning, leaders said. It has since been recovered in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, they added. (Photo provided by Lynnwood Food Bank)

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Police are trying to figure out who stole a van from the parking lot of the Lynnwood Food Bank after breaking into a nearby church.

The theft and break-in happened early Monday morning, food bank and church leaders told KOMO News.

"This is the window. Yeah, back here," said Elizabeth Volz as she pointed to a boarded-up window on the back of Silver Creek Family Church.

Volz believes the burglars’ hour-long crime spree began Monday once they broke the window.

Once inside the church, the burglars stole an iPad, a couple of cash boxes, and a pair of keys to a van that belongs to the Lynnwood Food Bank across the parking lot.

The food bank's surveillance cameras show two people open the van, hop in, and drive away.

Seconds later, one of the church's surveillance cameras show the thieves pulling up to the church in the food bank's van. A man is seen walking toward the church then walks back toward the van seconds later while holding the church's safe.

The van is then driven away.

"It’s just a bump in the road, but it just kind of – It’s a waste of time and energy and frustration when we’re trying to do the right thing," said Volz. She's the Executive Director of the Silver Creek Family Church.

"Logistics. Immediately went to logistics ‘cause we need to get the food to get back here, so we can feed people on Wednesday," said Alissa Jones, Director of the Lynnwood Food Bank.

Volunteers borrowed a board member’s mini-van to pick up the food bank’s donations Monday, Jones said. The donations help feed hundreds of families per week, she added.

Hours later, Jones learned the van stolen from her parking lot had been dumped somewhere in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, she said.

A mobile scale inside the van and the church’s safe are no where to be found, she added.

"I’m not happy, but I don’t have an unforgiving heart," Jones told KOMO News.

Police have been notified about what happened, Volz and Jones said,

The locks at the church and the food bank have already been replaced, Volz and Jones said.

The van has since been recovered. Jones plans to go pick it up at a towing yard on Tuesday. She’s been told it is still drivable, she added.

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