Emotional reunion for Iranian-American family as travel ban remains blocked

A Sammamish Iranian-American family is celebrating a long awaited reunion with their grandparents that was nearly blocked by the President Donald Trump’s travel ban. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEA-TAC AIRPORT, Wash. -- A Sammamish family is celebrating a long awaited reunion that was nearly blocked by the President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

At Sea-Tac Airport on Wednesday, the Monavari Family was filled with anticipation and uncertainty.

“I have mixed feeling,” said Vahid Monavari who was joined by his wife Parida Behzad-Pour and their two young sons.

The family of four is an Iranian American Family that have lived in the United states for 12 years.

Two years ago they made the decision to move Vahid’s elderly parents from Tehran to Seattle so they could be closer to their grandchildren and be cared for by family in their golden years.

The United States immigrant visa process took more than two years and was very expensive.

Vahid’s parents, 81 and 83 years old, were scheduled to arrive in Seattle on March 5. But, since they are from Iran, one of the seven Muslim majority countries named in the executive order, the travel ban prevented them from entering the country.

“My parents were hoping that after two years they would be able to joins us, we didn’t want to lose it because somebody feels an 83 year old man could be a treat to our national security,” said Vahid Monavari

But, when the ban was temporarily blocked the Monavari’s knew they needed to move fast to get their parents to the United States.

“We rushed them to get them into the country to minimize our risk,” said Monavari

And on Wednesday two elderly Iranian grandparents were reunited with their children and grandchildren at Sea-Tac Airport.

“I’m really excited to see my Grandma and Grandpa - finally after a long a time,” said Kian Monavari who is 10 year old.

It’s unclear if Vahid’s parents will ever be able to return home to Iran because of the political uncertain between both nations. But on this day - a dream come true the Monavari Family is grateful for.

“We are reunited, we are very happy our grandparents are here,” said Vahid Monavari

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