Edmonds police search for serial burglar; asking homeowners to check security cameras

    Edmonds police search for serial burglar; asking homeowners to check security cameras (PHOTO: KOMO News)

    Police are asking for help following a series of home burglaries in Edmonds. Five burglaries happened Wednesday night.

    Neighbors told KOMO they're nervous about the news. After so many break-ins last month and last night, police still don’t have description of the thief.

    “We have a serial burglar on our hand,” said Sgt. Shane Hawley.

    Edmonds police needs help finding a burglar that hit a dozen homes in Woodway High School neighborhood last month. Five more burglaries happened Wednesday in the Chase Lake neighborhood — three of them on 218th Street SW.

    “We hope that someone with public can Check their surveillance camera. Give us a good snapshot of who we are looking for,” said Hawley.

    “It’s kind of scary,” said Linda Bissett, a neighbor.

    Bissett says one of those burglaries happened near her home two houses over and that’s just too close for comfort.

    “There was one over the hill. The dogs were out looking for people,” said Bissett.

    Otelia Valles didn’t realize there was a break-in just a few doors away from her. She has four surveillance cameras at her home.

    “Yes, I have camera. It’s very important to have cameras in the house,” said Valles.

    Police are hoping that anyone with security cameras can check their surveillance video for suspicious activity.

    Investigators say the burglar has been hitting homes in a similar way and at a similar time — around 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    “They’re going through back windows, breaking them or finding a way in. They’re looking for jewelry and bypassing other hot items — computers and other things.”

    Police say the burglar was in and out pretty fast.

    “We think we’ve had a few of them interrupted by homeowners coming back,” said Hawley.

    Just before 5 p.m. Thursday, there were some dramatic developments in the quiet Edmonds neighborhood near 218th Street SW and 82nd Place W.

    The area was swarming with police activity. A K-9 searched backyards and streets. Police cruisers flooded the area where several homes were broken into Wednesday night.

    Neighbor Bob Cunningham stood by watching it all, holding baseball bat. His home was one of the ones burglarized.

    “I’m a little nervous. I’m fed up with it,” said Cunningham. “We left our house before 6 p.m. We came back an hour later. Stuff was spread all over and I noticed there was a rock in front of the kitchen. I noticed there was a window broken. Somebody had broken into our house. I called 911.”

    Cunningham, like so many others in his neighborhood were hoping for a resolution Thursday night.

    “I'd like somebody to be caught,” said Cunningham.

    Police called off their search just before 6 p.m. Thursday. They did not find the burglar.

    Anyone who saw anything suspicious or might have surveillance video of it should contact Edmonds Police.

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