Edgar Martinez calls fan on her 90th birthday

    Courtesy Sallye Soltner

    RENTON, Wash. - A longtime Mariners fan got a special phone call while celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday.

    On the other end of the line: Edgar Martinez!

    The call was a surprise to Mary Weaver of West Seattle. One she'll likely never forget.

    Weaver is one of Martinez's biggest fans.

    She was celebrating her birthday with her daughters at a Mediterranean restaurant in Renton when she got the call.

    "She has been such a fan for years," said Sallye Soltner, Weaver's daughter. "How cool was that?"

    Weaver spent several minutes on the phone with the Mariners legend, telling him about her visit to "Enchant" at Safeco prior to dinner, where she spent time taking pictures with Martinez's likeness.

    It being a birthday celebration and all, there was a cake. But not just any cake.

    Weaver's cake featured a picture of her and her daughter posing with the 5-time Designated Hitter of the Year at a past fan meet-and-greet.

    Now that's a birthday for the record books.

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