Eastern Wash. city police chief tells officers to ignore new gun safety laws from I-1639

FILE Photo

REPUBLIC, Wash. — A city in Eastern Washington is considering becoming a "sanctuary city" to shield itself from gun laws after its police chief says he won't allow his department to enforce the regulations passed by voters under Initiative 1639, saying the new gun laws violate the Second Amendment.

Initiative 1639 raises the age limit to buy some weapons from 18 to 21 and opens a gateway to prosecute people who sell guns to customers who can't legally own them. It also requires guns to be safely stored at home.

Republic Police Chief Loren Culp says he's instructing Republic police officers to not enforce I-1639 when it becomes law on Jan. 1.

The Republic City Council now is mulling legislation to shield itself from state and national laws that limit Second Amendment gun rights, including I-1639.

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