Jenny Durkan, Cary Moon to face off in Seattle mayor's race in general election

Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan will face urban planner Cary Moon in the the race to become Seattle's first female mayor in nearly more than 90 years. (Photo: Durkan/Moon campaigns

SEATTLE - Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan will face urban planner Cary Moon in the the race to become Seattle's first female mayor in nearly more than 90 years.

Tuesday afternoon, King County Elections certified the results of the August Primary Election, declaring Durkan and Moon the top two candidates for mayor of Seattle.

Durkan led the pack with 28 percent of the vote while Moon received nearly 18 percent of the vote. Nakkita Oliver was a close third with nearly 17 percent.

Moon defeated Oliver by roughly 1,170 votes, which is outside the range of a mandatory recount.

Oliver addressed her campaign and supporters at Washington Hall in Seattle Tuesday afternoon. She thanked them for their support and accepted that she won't be advacing to the general election.

But, she said the fact that she got this far, is a win for the Seattle People's Party.

"A lot of people have been asking me how I feel, and I want to say I feel inspired and I feel humbled. And I feel very honored to have that opportunity to be the first candidate in Seattle People's Party," said Oliver. "And I believe we have a lot to celebrate."

She also said Seattle needs to keep fighting against gender and income inequality, poverty and keep police accountable.

At this time her campaign did not endorse Durkan nor Moon for mayor.

Shortly after Oliver spoke, Durkan released a statement saying in part:"Nakkita Oliver ran a great campaign. She brought not just her powerful voice to the discussion, but brought in and amplified the voices, dreams and pain of those who have been shut out of the opportunities and prosperity of our city."

Moon also praised Oliver for her dedication to the mayoral race:"Nakkita Oliver's campaign amplified the voices of those who often feel Seattle is no longer for them, and engaged thousands across Seattle in this important election. Our city is stronger for their work."

Moon said the city is energized for new leadership.

The last time Seattle had a woman for mayor was Bertha Knight Landes in 1926.

The general election will be held Nov. 7.

Click here to view full election results.

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